We recommend informal, comfortable, easily washable clothing for your trip. We suggest that you pack the following items:

  • shorts jeans or slacks
  • T-shirts
  • bathing suit
  • rain poncho or waterproof coat
  • sweatshirt or light sweater for the evenings
  • A washer and dryer are on board the vessel, but no dry cleaning is available.
  • Comfortable shoes are a must

For women, the native “pareo”, made of light, colorful fabric, can be worn in a number of styles. It is ideal for both casual and festive occasions. Pareos are available in Tahiti and also aboard the vessel in the ship’s boutique. must, particularly for shore excursions, which can entail walking over coral reefs. Tennis shoes or sport sandals are recommended.

You should also bring personal toiletries, although the ship’s boutique has a selection of sundries. Be sure to bring along any medication you may require, both prescription and non-prescription. Some products common at home may not be available in Tahiti or the Marquesas, so if you have a particular preference, bring an adequate supply for the trip. We recommend that you use soft-sided luggage. This way, you can store your clothes in the closet and drawers, and store your luggage away during the trip.