Ghislaini Houzel


Ghislaini Houzel, An engineer and geophysicist by trade, Ghislain Houzel has worked for many years in French Polynesia, where he often resides.  Passionate in the history of the great maritime discoveries in the Pacific Ocean, Ghislain has written several articles on this topic, most notably, the book “Des Nouvelles de Monsieur de la Perouse”.  In France, he is the vice-president of the Friends of Polynesia Association and the honorary general-secretary of the Center for the study of Easter Island and Polynesia.  As such, he hosts numerous lectures at various universities in his free time.  Lecture topics will be:

The history of the discovery of Polynesia and the Marquesas Islands

The mutiny on the Bounty

The shipwreck of the Matilda

The LA PEROUSE expedition

The ENTRECASTAUX expedition