Tahiarii Pariente

Born in Tahiti, Tahiarii’s life was indelibly influenced growing up between Europe and Polynesia.

By the age of 19 he had completed a degree in Science at the “Universite Francaise du Pacifique” (Tahiti). In 1999 he graduated from the “Bond University” (Australia) with a BA in Commerce. By 2003, Tahiarii returned to the Raromatai islands to be close to his people and settled in Bora Bora, dividing his time between his computer business and his cultural responsibilities.

Tahiarii follows the ancient Arioi tradition by being a practitioner and performer of the Polynesian arts, teaching younger generations to reconnect ancient with  contemporary. He participated in the  organisation of cultural events such as the internationally known “Tattoonesia festival”.

In 2007 he moved to Hawaii to further research his indigenous heritage and was accepted as a student of highly recognised navigators such as Nainoa Thompson and Onohi Paishon.

In 2009, Tahiarii acquired a yacht captain’s license in Normandy (France) and in early 2010, he navigated the Te Matau a Maui canoe in the historic Tavaru Fleet expedition from New Zealand to Rarotonga via Tahiti practicing non instrumental way-finding. He sereved as Polynesian culture lecturer aboard the Robert C. Seamans an American reserach vessel in 2012 from Tahiti to Hawaii.

He travels today betweeen London, Paris, Auckland, Honolulu and Rarotonga continuing his research and restorations in different private collections and museums about ancient Polynesia and offers lectures to various audiences throughout Europe.