Teiki Huukena

Teiki Huukena,  Tattoo artist of tiki tattoo and author of the 1st Dictionary of symbols and meanings of the Polynesian tattoo of the Marquesas Islands.   Teiki Huukena has worked the Marquesan tattoo in his practice and in the studies of the meanings of the symbols of ancestral tattoos of “Patutiki” with his family and friends, Marie-Noelle and Pierre Ottino who are prehistoric archaeologist and researchers and specialists of the Marquesas Islands.  Teiki will explain the differences between the various styles of the Polynesian Tattoos – Te Tatau Tahiti,  Tamoko Maori, Marquesas Patutiki,  Ta Tatau Samoa .  The Patutiki (Marquesan tattoo) is the richest in ancient traditional symbols and the most complex of all the Polynesian tattoos.  Teiki predominates in the world of Polynesian tattoo today.