Victoria Andrews


Ms Victoria Andrews,  Heritage, conservation and art professional.  She was Assistant Director of the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA prior to moving to New Zealand in 1995.  She has maintained her museum associations while working on the preservation of Maori and European cultural heritage.  She has traveled extensively through the Pacific researching the material culture of different island groups.  Based on her extensive experience of and familiarity with the Polynesian and early European histories of New Zealand, the Marquesas Islands, Samoa and Niue, Ms Andrews’ lectures will explore the early Pacific voyages of discovery and the links and associations between island cultures.  Discussions will include recent voyages of double-hulled canoes.  Marquesan art, craft and traditional tattoo will be featured along with artists and writers such as Paul Gauguin, Jacques Brel and Herman Melville.  The rebirth of Marquesan culture and tradition will be discussed as well as the romantic lure of French Polynesia.